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WVDNR Walleye Management

The DNR is developing a statewide walleye management plan to improve and diversify walleye fishing opportunities in West Virginia. Walleye support an important fishery in several reservoirs, lakes, and rivers. Since 2004, DNR biologists have been actively collecting information on the condition and abundance of walleye.

Highlights of these activities include:

  • The identification of a native walleye strain which thrives in the rivers of the Ohio River basin.
    • In West Virginia, this native strain (Eastern Highlands walleye) has been introduced into several rivers to aid in promoting this unique fishery.
    • DNR also has implemented more restrictive angling regulations to aid in promoting this fishery.
  • Enhanced understanding of walleye population characteristics.
    • Increased abundance and robust size structure of Ohio River walleye.
    • Extensive movement patterns of New River walleye.
    • Stocking strategies to establish walleye populations in small impoundments.
    • Wide ranging size and age structure of selected reservoir populations.

Through the use of this new biological information,
the DNR is now prepared to more effectively manage walleye populations.

But we need to gain a better understanding of West Virginia walleye anglers to both develop and ultimately implement this new management plan. To gain this information, the DNR is soliciting anglers to provide input throughout the plan development.
The first opportunity is for all interested anglers to complete a simple on-line survey. The survey is currently available through June 15, 2014 and can be accessed by clicking on the walleye:

Walleye Survey

Additional opportunities for angler input will be available throughout the development of the management plan via public meetings and other on-line surveys.


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