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Getting Your DNR ID Number

Your DNR ID number is the number you will use the rest of your life to check big game or if you trap a beaver, otter, bobcat or fisher. The number can be up to six digits long. Your annual or lifetime "license number" is a different number and will not work.

Annual license buyers: When you buy a base license, your permanent DNR ID number will be printed in the upper left part of your license.

Non-licensed hunters: If you are not required to buy a license (for example, landowner, underage, hunter who turned 65 before 1/1/12, etc.) you can obtain your permanent DNR ID number by going online at wvhunt.com and clicking on "Don't have an Account? Enroll here," visiting a license agent, or calling a DNR district office.

Lifetime license holders: You have already been entered into the ELS system and assigned a permanent DNR ID number. To find out what your DNR number is, visit a license agent, or call a DNR district office or the Elkins or South Charleston office. Your information will need to be verified for accuracy and activated.

Checking Game

  • By phone: get your DNR ID number and call 1-844-982-4325.
  • Online: go to www.wvhunt.com and log on with the username and password you created or your date of birth and Social Security number.
  • License agent (you don't have to bring the animal in with you).

Upon completing the game check process, you will be given a 13-digit number which must be recorded on a DNR field tag or on a sheet of paper that displays the hunter's or trapper's name and address.

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