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Living With Nuisance Wildlife - Bats

Bats in Houses

BatsEven people who appreciate bats do not always appreciate them establishing residency in their homes.  Little brown bats and big brown bats are the most common bat species found in houses in West Virginia. The only sure and safe way to rid a house of bats is to physically block the openings they are using. Be sure to block the opening when the bats are not present. During the summer, the bats may have young in the roost, so it is best to wait and block the openings later in the season after the bats have departed for the winter.

If a bat happens to stray into your house, the easiest way to get it back outside is to open a window or door and let the animal find its way out. One can also cover a bat on the floor or a wall with a heavy towel and carry it outside to be released.

For more extensive information about dealing with nuisance bats, check out Bat Conservation International


Guidelines for bat exclusion from buildings

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