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Wildlife Management Areas

Statewide Wildlife Management Program:
The Statewide Wildlife Management Program is designed to conserve and manage high quality habitats for a variety of wildlife species and to improve public access to these resources. Management activities on state and national forest lands include planting of trees and shrubs for food and cover, the establishment of wildlife habitat, maintenance of food plots, and the development of wetlands. In addition to conserving and managing high quality wildlife habitat, development projects improve public access and recreational opportunities. Construction of roads, parking lots, trails, and public shooting ranges are vitally important to wildlife management programs.

Wildlife Management Area Acquisitions:
The acquisition of Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs) is a critical component of the Wildlife Resources Section's effort to fulfill its mission to the citizens of West Virginia. Spurred by the decline in public access to private land and by the continued destruction of critical habitats, the WMA Program enables wildlife biologists to conserve and manage habitat to benefit all wildlife species. At the present time, 1.4 million acres, representing eight percent of the state's total land area are managed by the Wildlife Resources Section for public wildlife associated recreation.

Physically Challenged Hunters:
Providing hunting access for the state's physically challenged is a priority of the Wildlife Resources Section. District biologists work with local and national advocacy organizations to modify public use facilities and develop innovative programs that address the needs of physically challenged hunters. Within the next 10 years, the Wildlife Resources Section plans on developing an additional 20 trails on WMAs for the use and enjoyment by the state's physically challenged.


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