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Property and Procurement

The General Services branch includes management of a statewide two-way radio communications network, centralized purchasing and inventory control. Management of district level administrative activities is also a function of this branch. Property and Procurement handles all purchasing transactions, inventory control, and records management programs, and property and liability insurance for the division.

Property & Procurement Office Staff

West Virginia Division of Natural Resources
324 Fourth Ave
South Charleston, WV 25303

Phone: (304) 558-3397
Fax: (304) 558-2165

Chief Procurement Officer J.H. “Jamie” Adkins
Procurement Specialist, Senior Karen Roberts
Buyer Amber Heath
Buyer Vacant
Fixed Asset Coordinator James McClung

District Office Staff

General Services is also responsible for the two way radio systems that are used by the Law Enforcement, Wildlife and Parks sections. There are radio operators for five (5) district offices throughout the state. The communication the district personnel provides is very valuable to DNR and other agencies.

Radio Operator Rebecca J.Tomana
District I, Farmington
(304) 825-6787
Lindsay Park
District II, Romney
(304) 822-3551
Misty Gregory
District III, French Creek
(304) 924-6211
Shelly Sesco
District IV, Beckley
(304) 256-6946
Melissa Richmond
District V, Alum Creek
(304) 756-1023
District VI, Parkersburg
(304) 420-4550
Maintenance Worker Doug Shrout
District II, Romney
(304) 822-3551


For. . . Contact
Questions regarding the purchasing process, wvOASIS, training, vendor complaints and District Offices' administrative functions. J.H. “Jamie” Adkins
Formal acquisitions (purchases over $25,000), specification review, solicitations, addenda and change orders. J.H. “Jamie” Adkins
Agency delegated acquisitions (purchases under $25,000), specification review, solicitations, addenda and change orders. Amber Heath
Fixed asset management including but not limited to addition of assets, transfer of assets and retirement of assets. Liaison with the Office ofTechnology and the WV Agency for Surplus Property. James Mcclung
Tracking and renewal of Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Radio Licenses and the lease of land and buildings. Processes and manages BRIM insurance claims, oversees the management of records that are placed in storage at off-site locations and maintains the agency's Records Retention and Management Plan. Provides information on statewide contracts and processes delivery order against those contracts. Processes vendor registration forms. Karen Roberts

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For vendors interested in business opportunities with the State of West Virginia,

WV Purchasing Division

Surplus Property

West Virginia Division of Natural Resources
324 Fourth Ave
South Charleston, WV 25303

Phone: (304) 558-3397
Fax: (304) 558-2165

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